Sunday Dec 12 @ 10:47am
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Monday Sep 9 @ 12:43am
Sunday Sep 9 @ 11:52pm

alexturnerisababe said: oh thank you, i didn't found early. i adore your blog, x

I saw that you are Brazilian, so…

de nada, qualquer coisa olhe o índice ali em cima. valeu por curtir o blog! :D

Sunday Sep 9 @ 12:39am

alexturnerisababe said: could you do one about arctic monkeys? :)

You should lurk more!

Sunday Sep 9 @ 12:22am

hellomemeettherealme-deactivate said: Can you make an album chart of Hole, please? ;)

I don’t know Hole neither my friends, maybe you could help me? :)

Sunday Sep 9 @ 12:17am
Sunday Sep 9 @ 12:11am